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How to Use Prizm Segment to Find the Best Customers

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Introduce Tableau to MBA Students

MBA | 56| 0 rzhao

Tableau Dashboards and Stories

Tableau | 30| 0 rzhao

Introduce Tableau (Original Copy from Tableau)

Tableau | 34| 0 rzhao

Learn SAS by Examples in 8 days

SAS | 15| 0 rzhao

ARC Internship Program Core

Retail | 23| 0 rzhao

Introduce SAS/EG to MBA Students

MBA | 206| 0 rzhao

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Big Data Tools & Analytic Software
Release Platform

A public platform allows data analysts from all over the world trial big
data tools and share their experiences.

Free Software Trial

Big data tools connected to a real database for data analysts to trial and share experiences on an online platrorm.

Learn Data Skills

A social network allows data anlysts to share their experiences of using new software and tools.

Free Pre-Employment Training

Pre-employment training becomes easily accessible by implementing visulization technology on ARCFAIR platform.

Skill Share By Users

Learning skills of using big data tools & software from professionls is necessary for data analysts to grow their careers.

Script/Code Share by Users

fessionals sharing scripts/codes being developed in a commercial software contributes values and grows brand loyalties.

Data Anlysts Meetup

An online society for big data professionals to easily gather and meet in local with or without supports from companies.