Become a Teacher / Professor / Developer

Big data analytics courses are taught by industrial experts who are passionate about sharing their unique skills and knowledge with people like you, your friends, and your colleagues. You can apply for a teacher, or a professor if you are going to teach courses in a college using arcfair lab, or a developer if your goal is to develop an application and teach how to use it. We’ll help you start a class and grow a following.

It takes 2 steps and arcfair does the rest!

Apply for a Teacher/Professor/Developer
Create a course and upload course contents

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1Who can teach on arcfair?

    Anyone can teach a class. As long as your class adheres to our Publishing Guidelines, it can be published on ARCFAIR.

  • 2it can be published on ARCFAIR.

    Who can teach on arcfair?/ Anyone can teach a course. As long as your course adheres to our Publishing Guidelines, it can be published on arcfair.

  • 3Who can apply for a teacher?

    Anyone can apply for a teacher if you have unique data analytical skills and knowledge to share.

  • 4Who can apply for a professor?

    You have to be a faculty member associated with a recognized university, and want to teach your courses to your college students or to public.

  • 5Who can apply for a developer?

    Anyone can apply for a developer if you want to design your own data analytical applications using arcfair database and later teach your clients on how to use it.

  • 6Can I share my course for free?

    Yes, you can share your courses for free. You have option to charge certain amount of fee any time later as you wish.

  • 7Can I make my courses private?

    Yes, you can make your courses private and only students who receive your invitations can join the class. You have option to make it public or private any time as you wish.